Cropstream allows you to manage mobile notifications. Here's everything you need to know about them.

Notification Triggers

Cropstream notifications are attempted in the following situations:

  • Messages: When someone posts/sends a message to you
  • Cards: When someone posts/shares a card with you

As a Sender

When you message in Cropstream, notifications are sent automatically without any effort on your part. Most Cropstream notifications are silent (even if the recipient has sounds enabled), however you can request an audible notification to accompany your message or card by setting the send option below to Audible.

In this case, any connected recipient who has already enabled sounds will receive an audible notification of your message or card.

As a Recipient

Managing notifications in Cropstream mobile apps is like other apps, but here's some information you'll want to know:

Connections Matter

We know your phone is already dinging, buzzing and beeping enough these days, and we don't want to make that worse. So, even if you have notifications enabled in Cropstream, you'll only be notified of messages from your connections. The flip side of that is if you find yourself asking, "Hmmm ... I wonder why I didn't get notified of that?", the answer might just be that you need to connect!

For information on connections, check here.


You can set notifications for your iOS device right in the app by selecting your smiling face (upper left), then switching on Enable Notifications (below)

You can also further configure notifications at Settings > Cropstream > Notifications.


Managing notifications in Android looks a little different for each device, but these guidelines will help:

  • To get to notifications, look for any of these - a gear icon, Settings, Apps and Settings, or Apps and Notifications.
  • Long-pressing the Cropstream app icon may also pop up a shortcut to notifications.
  • Once in the Notifications area, long-pressing on a notification category may provide more detailed settings and options.
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