Chatting is central to Cropstream. If you know how to text, you already know the basics of Cropstream chat. If not, you're about to learn.  Either way, we think you'll agree that Cropstream chat is a great feature.


  • Is simple communication with other Cropstream users
  • Can include text, emojis or images
  • Can be one-to-one, or can include up to 25 total participants
  • In group chats, all replies are automatically "reply to all"
  • Can include messages of up to 900 characters each
  • Remains private for the chat participants (no one else knows it exists)
  • Can be "stand-alone", or can be in the context of a message, product or card

Starting a chat


  • Look for the Start a Chat button at upper-right of most screens
  • Look for the Start a private chat link that accompanies most messages in your activity feed
  • Head to the Chat tab on the menu, then select the green pencil/paper icon
  • Hover over a user image or company image on just about any screen, and look for the Chat button in the bubble that pops up after a second or two


  • Look for the green pencil/paper icon on most screens

No matter how you get started, when you get to the screen below, add recipients and message, then Send!

Bonus Tip (web): Use Ctrl+Enter to get a line break, use it twice for a new paragraph with a blank line in between.

Bonus Tip (mobile): You can use Chat to invite someone from your Contacts to join Cropstream. Just start addressing your new chat like normal, then select + Invite from Contacts (see below)

So far, we've just talked about chat basics - not super different than everyday texting. But there's more ... much more.

Chats on Messages

By selecting Start a private chat when you see a message in your activity feed, your chat will always remain connected to the message you started it from.  In fact, if you have several chats connected to the same message, you can select the message, and all related chats will be displayed beneath the message.

Chats on Products or Cards

For products and cards, it's much the same as above. Whether you get to the product or card from Favorites, Discover (web) / Search (mobile), or any other way, just look for these places to start a chat that will always remain connected to the product or card.


Have hundreds of conversations, and looking for one from 4 months ago?  Yeah, we've been there.

Cropstream chat is fully searchable. Just go to the Chat tab and enter what you're looking for in the Search box.  Cropstream will search your chats' participants and content, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

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