Sending messages in Cropstream is a powerful, flexible and simple feature.  Choose the message type, content and audience, and away it goes.

What's a Message?

Unlike Chat (similar to texting, 25-member size limit), messaging includes:

  • Make the sender yourself or your organization
  • Post messages to your Cropstream home page ("Public" option)
  • Send messages only to those connected to you or your organization ("Connections" option)
  • Send messages to a custom group [Business Pro plan required]
  • Designate a team member as default recipient for chats started from the message
  • Schedule messages for delivery up to a year in advance [Business Pro plan required]
  • Add up to 2,000 characters of text
  • Include graphics with our professional designer (more details below)
  • Designate whether to send an audible, or silent notification

Who Can Send Messages?

The following users in your organization are able to send messages either as themselves or on behalf of the organization:

  • All managers
  • Any user set to be visible at your organization's home page
  • Any Promote partner for your organization (can send on behalf of your organization, but not as themselves)

Sending Messages - Web

Find and select the control below.  If you have permission to send messages, you'll see it atop your activity feeds at My Cropstream and at your organization's home page.

After you select that, you'll see this...

Select the sender and recipients, and type your message. Add a graphic with any of the following:

  • Drag and drop an image file onto the artboard
  • Copy and paste a snippet or clipboarded image onto the artboard
  • Select Add graphic

Cropstream Message Designer

When you've done one of the steps above, the Cropstream Message Designer (below) will open.

This designer has been built to be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.

Basic designer features include:

  • Easily add your own image (drag and drop, copy and paste, or select)
  • Use a template (see Templates on the left) and optionally update the default text
  • Choose from 1+ million royalty-free high-quality photos (see Images on the left)

And, if advanced designer features is what you're after:

  • Text: 20+ fonts with bold, italic and underline; wide range of type sizes and line heights; paragraph alignment options
  • Shape: oval, circle, rectangle, rounded rectangle; extended stroke width range
  • Arrow
  • Color: define any element's color with HEX, RGB or HSL, including alpha channel (transparency/opacity); distinct stroke/line and fill/background controls; preset color swatches, add your own manually or with color picker (from within artboard)
  • Rotation: all elements can be rotated to any orientation
  • Layering: all elements can be stepped forward or backward
  • Duplicate: all elements can be duplicated onto the artboard
  • Custom Templates: Design, save and re-use your own custom templates; if designing for multiple organizations, save and use the same template in multiple libraries

Once you're done in the designer, select Use to transfer your graphic back to the message dialog.

With everything set for your message, select Post Now, review the confirmation screen, and send your message on its way.

If you are a Business Pro plan user, you can also select Schedule for later, and schedule your message's delivery for up to a year in advance.

Sending Messages - Mobile

Look for and select one of these icons, which are typically in the upper- and lower-right corners of the screen:

Following that, the rest of the process is very similar to Web above, with the following differences:

  • The graphic designer is significantly streamlined
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