We've developed Cropstream (and continue improving it!) using the latest and best technology. We also strive to make sure that Cropstream hums right along for the vast majority of typical user situations.

Here are our recommendations for a successful Cropstream experience:

Web Browser - most recent version of the following 

Screen Resolution - minimum 1024 x 768

Mobile Apps - available for iOS and Android, see app store for details

You might be asking...

Q: What if I use a different browser?
A: Might work. Might not. Best bet is to add one from above (they're free).

Q: How do I check or update my screen resolution?
A: Here's a nifty site to check resolution. Updating will depend on your computer, monitor and operating system.

Q: What about tablets?
A: Same recommendations above apply to using Cropstream in a web browser, plus tablets also have the option of using the mobile app.

Q: What about phones?
A: For iOS and Android, use the app and keep your operating system updated. Device requirements are listed at each app store.

Q: What about my Kindle, Blackberry, or Windows phone or tablet?
A: Cropstream does not provide apps for these devices.

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