Connections helps you stay tuned in to the people and organizations of your choice.

How does it help?

  • Quick Access: Your personal connections are at the top of your Connections view, making it super-fast to start a chat or get to an organization's page.
  • Notification Gateway: A little nervous about enabling Cropstream notifications? We understand. That's why even with notifications enabled, you'll receive message notifications only from people and organizations you've connected to.
  • Message Preview Bypass: When you receive a message from someone you've connected to, their message is immediately displayed in your feed.

How do I connect?

  • Connections: Cropsteam's web app and mobile apps each have a Connections tab, where you can see who your connections segmented by people, local businesses, and manufacturers. You can also search this view and, finding someone you want to connect with, just select the Connect button next to their name. On the web, you can also review, and connect to, users who have already connected to you.
  • Home Activity Feed: Every time you see a message in your activity feed, look at the right end of the sender line, for the "v".  When you select it, among the options you'll find is the ability to Connect to the sender. On the web, you can also hover over a message sender's avatar on the left to do the same thing.
  • Organization Home Page: At each organization home page, you'll see a Connect button. You can also hover over any of the user avatars there to connect. And, in the activity feed there, you'll also see all the same options described above about the Home Activity Feed.

Yeah, but how to I unconnect?

  • In all of the places described above, you can unconnect from any of your connections.  It's like a switch - if you're already connected, you'll see the button says Unconnect.
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