As you add others to your organization in Cropstream, you'll want to give them the role that best matches what they do. This article describes your options, as well as some other permissions that are baked into Cropstream.


A member is someone employed by your organization - your boss, your colleague, your employee. With members, you have two choices:

  • Manage: King of the (Cropstream organization) Universe. Big cheese. Administrator. The Great and Powerful Oz. You get the picture. If it's meant for a user to do, they can do it.
  • Work: The basics of presence, viewing and chat, but does not include permission to send messages or to manage your organization's settings, cards, or users.


A partner is someone employed by a different organization, but who assists you with your Cropstream site or communication efforts.

  • Promotion: A promotion partner can manage your Cropstream site's branding, messaging, and card catalog, but does not have access to organization settings, plans and pricing or users.

Other Permissions

In addition to the structured roles above ("she is my employee", "he's my contract graphic designer", etc), Cropstream provides some other baked-in permissions.


The following users in your organization are able to send messages either as themselves or on behalf of the organization:

  • All managers
  • Any user set to be visible at your organization's home page
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