If you're after the big picture, this article is for you.

Here you'll get an overview of Cropstream on the web. (Hungry for the nitty-gritty? Check our How To collection here, and our support cards in the app.)

My Cropstream

This is essentially your personal starting page in Cropstream, with easy access to everything you need.  Some highlights:

  • Activity feed front and center, together with your pinned cards
  • Along the left, your organization/s and recently-visited sites
  • Quick access to your connections, chats and favorites


This is the rest of the Cropstream world. Think of it as a directory of organizations - and their people, products and services - in Cropstream. With categories and searching, it's easy to find and connect to the folks you need.

And, when you select a tile from Discover, you'll end up at...

Organization Home Page

This is an organization's home page in Cropstream. Here you can access whatever resources an organization has shared, or (if it's your own organization's home page) configure what you want to share. Some highlights:

  • Start a chat with someone from the organization
  • Review and reply to recent messages from the organization
  • Browse the organization's posted resources
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