If you're after the big picture, this article is for you.

Here you'll get an overview of the Cropstream mobile app. (Hungry for the nitty-gritty? Check our How To collection here, and our support cards in the app.)

In Cropstream mobile, the icons along the bottom will be your best help to get around quickly.


This is your starting place in Cropstream mobile, with easy access to:

  • Your activity feed
  • Sending a new message


Find and connect to others in Cropstream. Filter by type (person and organization type) and search with ease.


See your most recent chat conversations. Search by person and content. Start a new chat with up to 25 at a time.


Fast access to your favorite Cropstream resources


This is the rest of the Cropstream world. Think of it as a Cropstream directory of organizations - and their people, products and services. With categories and searching, it's easy to find and connect to the folks you need. Selecting an organization's tile will take you to their Cropstream home page.

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