What is Cropstream? How do I explain it to someone else?
Cropstream is a messaging and information-sharing app for agribusinesses.

Cropstream makes it easy to send and receive messages, keeping everyone connected and informed. Available for iOS, Android and web, Cropstream makes it easy for people in agriculture to communicate and more effectively manage their businesses and operations.

Can anyone join Cropstream?
Yes! It's free to join.

What's the best thing about Cropstream for agribusiness?
For brand and product managers, Cropstream helps you maintain control over your approved messaging and content, while also making it easily accessible for your reps and channel partners to share with growers.

For retail agribusinesses, Cropstream helps you stay in front of your customers with the information they need: in-season updates, discount schedules and deadlines, meeting notices, timely product and service information. Leveraging content already in place from manufacturers, it's simple to share with your customers.

What's the best thing about Cropstream for growers?
Cropstream instantly connects you with the team of partners and suppliers you depend upon. Relevant, useful information in the palm of your hand, and answers are just a chat away.

My growers already text me all the time. How is Cropstream better?
You'll love Cropstream messaging for its focus. No more scrolling through 30 texts from your spouse, plumber, pastor, kids, neighbor, softball teammate, and first cousin, to find that message from your customer. Cropstream is all about your agribusiness, all day long, every day.

We have a great website, and use Facebook and Twitter. Why use Cropstream?
Cropstream combines the best of Internet and social media (publish content, allow others to connect to you) together with the value of a private network. No public pot-shots from haters. Focused content and conversations - your important update doesn't have to compete with bread pudding recipes, politics or football scores.

Best of all, Cropstream lets you to laser-target the audience for both your proactive messaging and your published content. This makes Cropstream a valuable tool for both external and internal messaging.

Is there live support if I need help?
Of course! Use the green smiley in the lower right to start a conversation, ask questions or get more direction. We’ll handle it from there.

What are the Terms, Privacy and Data Sharing policies?
Here are links to those documents - Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Sharing Agreement.

Can I invite others to use Cropstream?
Absolutely! Once you’ve joined Cropstream, you can invite your coworkers to join your organization. Or, invite others so they can use Cropstream for their operation or business.

How quickly can I start using Cropstream?
Is 3 minutes fast enough? :)  After a quick sign-up and setup, you’ll be good to go.

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