What is Cropstream? How do I explain it to my team/employees/business partners?
Cropstream is a business messaging tool for agriculture.

Cropstream makes it easy to send and receive messages, keeping everyone connected and informed. Available for iOS, Android and web, Cropstream makes it easy for people in agriculture to communicate and more effectively manage their businesses and operations.

Can anyone join Cropstream?
Yes! It's free to join.

What are the top features of Cropstream for farmers and ranchers?
Cropstream makes it easy to send and receive ag business messages. Farmers and ranchers like being instantly notified, receiving relevant information, and the ability to have private conversations that stay in a secure communication channel. No message is lost in a sea of text messages or communicated to the wrong recipient. 

What are the top features of Cropstream for ag businesses?
It’s the ease of use and that it organizes communication streams with customers and fellow employees versus texts and voicemails. Cropstream enables ag businesses to initiate interaction with customers on a variety of topics. (like reminders of sales deadlines, seasonal use tips, and promotions/campaigns). Cropstream helps ag business stay proactive with timely information rather than reactive, and that's important in this relationship business.

Is Cropstream available across all of my devices?
Yes! Cropstream is available for iOS, Android and web to accommodate your business operation from the office or in the field.

Is there live support if I need help?
Of course! Use the green smiley in the lower right to start a conversation, ask questions or get more direction. We’ll handle it from there.

What are the Terms, Privacy and Data Sharing policies?
Here are links to those documents - Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Sharing Agreement.

Can I invite others to use Cropstream?
Absolutely! Once you’ve joined Cropstream, you can invite others to join your organization. Or, simply invite others so they can start using Cropstream for their operation or business.

How quickly can I start using Cropstream?
Is 3 minutes fast enough? :)  After a quick sign-up and setup, you’ll be ready to start communicating with Cropstream.

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