Cropstream makes it easy to save your favorites. Marking something in Cropstream as a favorite keeps it easy to find.

Marking Favorites

The things you can favorite are all found in Discover (on the web) or Search (in the mobile apps), and rule #1 of Cropstream favoriting: look for the stars.

If a star is grey, it's not a favorite. Touch it to make it green ... you've just made a favorite. Touch it again ... now, not a favorite.  Pretty easy.

Finding Favorites

You'll find your favorites (where else?) under Favorites on both web and mobile.

Managing Favorites

As you mark something as a favorite, you can also categorize it at the same time.

On the web at Favorites, you can further categorize and arrange your favorites.

  • On the left side you can add, delete, rename, and rearrange categories
  • On favorites themselves, you can drag and drop to rearrange within a category, or move to a different category
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