Whether you farm, work for an ag retailer, run a custom harvesting crew, own a seed dealership, are a crop consultant, a manufacturer, or all of the above, your business is an organization in Cropstream.

Your organization is who you work for or what you own ... not who you sell to or buy from.

In all likelihood, your organization is probably already in Cropstream, either because you added it when you first joined Cropstream, or because someone else added it before you showed up and you joined it while you joined Cropstream.

Here's how you can see your organizations:

  • Web: Select My Cropstream (top left). Your organizations will be on the left edge.
  • Mobile: Select Home (lower left), then your smiling face (upper left), then Organizations.

And, here's how to add an organization (including a short but important message):

(CAREFUL! If you're in an organization with several people, ask around first in case somebody else already set up your organization. Untangling three "Fred's Farm Supply"s won't be fun for anyone.)

  • Web: Select your name (upper right), then Add Organization, complete the information, and save your changes. Note that on the web you have the ability to search for your organization before you inadvertently make a duplicate.
  • Mobile: From the screen above, select Add Organization, complete the information, and save your changes.
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