The "co" in "communicate" goes better when your coworkers, employees, partners, vendors and customers are on Cropstream, too.

With that in mind, here's how to:

INVITE someone to Cropstream (whether or not they're part of your organization)

  • Web: Select Invite others (upper right) then follow the instructions. (You can preview - both text and email - your invitation before you actually send it.)
  • Mobile: Select the Chat tab (bottom) then the big green + button (lower right). Start typing the person's name, then select + Add from Contacts (you might be asked to allow Cropstream to access your Contacts). Select the person from your list of contacts (yes, they need to be there first), then follow the prompts.

ADD someone to your Organization

(Note: If you follow the steps below but get stuck along the way, it could mean you don't have permission to add people to your organization. If so, go ahead and invite the person to Cropstream, then ask your organization's manager to add them.)

  • Web: Select your organization (left side), then the gear icon (right side), then Members, then Add Member (for an employee or coworker) or Add Partner (for someone who's not your employee). Follow the instructions to select the person and role.
  • Mobile: Select your smiling face (upper left), then Organizations. Select the organization you want to add someone to, then Edit, then + Add person. Follow the instructions to select person and role, and save your changes.
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